Our Proprietary Products

NexGen Textiles

a new generation of sustainable textile that minimizes the impact to the environment. Our fabric is made of 100% PLA, a plant-based fiber derived entirely from sustainable agricultural resources. Made in USA. For more information contact MDI Brands by phone (+1  317.842-0600)  or  EMAIL .

everawesom pillows


EverAwesome Pillows

Our EverAwesome Pillows are one of the most comfortable pillows that help you get a healthier and more pleasant sleep experience. Our eco-friendly pillows are made with our exclusive high-performance plant fibers, NexGen Textiles™, as the core material. The inherent qualities from the plant fiber offer a new dimension in comfort in your sleep experience.

EverAwesome Pillows, designed and made in the U.S.A., are hypoallergenic, wick moisture, resist pilling, allows you to sleep cooler and avoid heat accumulation, no need to iron, are machine washable and are ideal for all sleeping positions.

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MDI Outdoor Lost Camo® Hunting Apparel

Mill Direct is a licensed manufacturer of Lost Camo fabrics used for our line of hunting apparel. Our MDI Outdoorproducts are available wholesale to distributors through our MDI Outdoor division. For ordering information, contact your MDI Outdoor authorized distributor, American Legacy Outdoors.